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We've walked...

in the shoes of retail IT executives and we understand the challenges small and mid-tier IT departments are dealing with today. Responsive technology for your business does not have to be unattainable. Smaller companies with aggressive growth initiatives want to move quickly into the market but are hampered by limited IT resources and the high start-up costs to put the proper infrastructure in place. OneBridge will tailor a hosted solution that best fits your business needs and can support the most critical systems to operate your organization. We can rapidly design and deploy a secured, highly responsive private infrastructure, minimizing disruption and up-front costs.


We've worked...

with small and mid-tier healthcare clinics and networks across the United States. We have dedicated specialist teams who understand the unique challenges inherent in evolving a complex medical IT portfolio while ensuring strong physician buy-in and improved patient outcomes. Our cloud infrastructure is purpose built for healthcare software, with security that exceeds HIPAA, and unparalleled load times for the healthcare industry.


As technology...

and Manufacturing markets continue to evolve, businesses must seize opportunities to solve predicted challenges in this new digital environment and unpredictable challenges that can be uniquely molded to gain a competitive advantage.As a full-service technology and consulting service provider, OneBridge delivers tailored high performance solutions for the Manufacturing Industry.

  • "We checked a number of backup solutions, but VM Locker won on price, support and ease of use and the fact that it focuses on recovery, not just backup. When we test a solution, we call the vendor’s support to see how helpful their people are. Then the solution must be easy to set up and easy to explain to our people, and it must recover data easily. onebridge ticked all the boxes."

    - Joseph Wrightster, Director of Information Technology, Sheraton Hotels

  • “I don’t consider many things in the IT world to be truly “magical;” however, the OneBridge family of x4products works very well and is extremely reliable—it’s saved us and many clients from disaster."

    - Beverly Schaffer, Senior IT Architect, Vroom Communications

  • “The support staff has been responsive, and the ability to license the items monthly on the fly has enabled my business to focus and keep track of our backup billing.”

    - Guy Sponaki, CIO, Joomla Networks, Inc.

Failure is not an option. Recover from any IT Disaster

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